Some suggestions on bridesmaid dresses

23 Oct 2013

Besides focusing on the choice of Plus Size Wedding Dresses, we also need to pay attention to the choice of wedding dresses.It’s important too.How to dress up to serve as a foil for the bride?Here are some suggestions from

Generally speaking, brides will wear a solemn dress.So as the bridesmaid accompany around her, should pick up a dress or a more formal dress.The bride usually chooses at least 2 sets of weddings while bridesmaid generally only need one set.The style of bridesmaid dress must be generous and simple.And bridesmaids should not choose white color, but can choose some soft colors such as: pink, orange, champagne, pearl and so on.

When choosing the bridesmaid dresses, you must remember one point: Don’t be too fancy.It’s the bride not you that need grab the bride’s thunder.The real protagonist of that day is the bride.Moreover, the bridesmaids’ work will be very hard.You need to accompany the bride walk around and toasting the whole ceremony.So, you must pay attention to the shoes you wear, don’t choose shoes with a tight surface and thin heel.Comfortable and decent shoes will be enough.

Bridesmaid dress must be simple and elegant so that cannot only show the beauty, but also put the brides in a proper secondary position.Try to use similar colors or some light colors.The bride walking into the church represents a kind of mature and bridesmaids would better show slight astringent.So plain or light-colored line are 2 best choices.Don’t try any bright color which may cause a distracting feeling.

Finally, we come to the choice of skirt models.Most bride weddings are long section and you just need to choose an appropriate one, don’t be too long or too short.But never wear pants.

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