Four Key words to forecast new year wedding dresses

3 Dec 2013

Weeding Dresses Week which holds in New York twice a year is a popular benchmark in the wedding industry. All the big brands and famous designers will release their new designs and products during the week. This year, Vera Wang, Oscar de ka Renta and Marchesa all have a nice show. You cannot only find so many amazing dresses but also get inspirations for your own dresses designs. The hairstyle and makeup are also very attractive. Generally speaking, Marchesa and Vera Wang bring us perfect female design which shows their respect to classical Princess Wedding Gowns. Monique Lhullier pay more attention to the design of silhouette and body lines which full of modern feell and suitable for fashion city ladies while Theia Couture is still insisting their sweet style. Today, we will talk about 4 key words from the show which can forecast the trend of 2014 wedding dresses.

NO.1 Romantic Lace
Pretty lace is the most popular and important fabric in wedding dresses. You may not find it in other gowns, but in the wedding, it will never be neglected. Brides wearing lace Ball Gown Wedding Dresses will be elegant and charming at the same time. Mature and noble temperament will be totally shown throughout dresses. Using lace wedding dresses is the simplest and most effective way to create a perfect bride.

NO.2 Cute Short Skirts
Fresh and simple short shirts are becoming a favorite of those designers. The energetic knee length dresses are especially suitable for spring and summer. No matter dimensional patterns or pink prints can add the young and energetic elements into short wedding dresses. After a little modification, hose new designs can also be used as outdoor bridesmaid dresses or cocktail dresses. Brides, are you ready for showing your beautiful legs?

NO.3 Classical Skirts
Noble and luxurious classical skirt could appear in all the brides’ wedding list. The design of a full waist can highlight the bride’s slim waist and perfect body proportions. Every girl must have a princess dream and wearing gowns with classical shirt can make your dream come true in the wedding day which makes your important moment perfect.

Fantastic Morden Short White Lace Ball Gown Wedding Dress

NO.4 Break Traditions
White is no longer to be the only choice for wedding gowns. Sexy and elegant champagne, fantastic romantic pink, fresh and simple silver or black and white, etc. Those new colors of wedding dresses are impacting on our eyes and giving us a different feeling. Compared with whose colorful dresses, white wedding dresses seem not to be as popular as before. Young brides can show their personalities by colorful wedding dresses. You can have a try!
OK, we will end here today. Wish all of you have a good time! Good luck!




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